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From John Cheng <>
Subject ATS to return cached contents on 500 error
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2010 19:13:40 GMT
Can ATS be configured (as a forward proxy) to return cached contents
when the origin server returns an error?

This may be an unusual use case, and I'll describe the scenario I
think where it might be needed. I want to use ATS as a forward proxy
between our application servers and external web services. This allows
us to reduce the number of web services calls and use local caching to
increase performance. In this case, one of our external partners has a
flaky web service system. The contents of their web service does not
change often and is suitable for caching the contents daily. However,
some times, their web service will return a 404 or 500 for a whole
day, then go back to normal the next day. So the behavior I'd like is
for our system to check to origin server for any changes. If there is
a change, update the local cache. If there is an error (404, 500), or
time out then continue to use the cached content.

I looked into the configuration file and it does not appear ATS
supports this kind of behavior. I am wondering if this is possible
with ATS.

John L Cheng

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