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From John Cheng <>
Subject Re: Usage of Traffic Server with a CDN
Date Sat, 25 Dec 2010 02:49:54 GMT
>>> ----- "John Cheng"<>  wrote:
>>>> I am exploring the role of ATS in a high availability, high traffic
>>>> web site. And I would like to ask if it make sense to use ATS for the
>>>> purpose of "scalability" if you are already using a CDN.
>>> Y! uses it for their CDNs. If it's good enough for them..
>>> Anyway, a CDN can be a number of things. What is it for you?
>> Hi Igor. CDN for me is edge delivery, for example Akamai edge
>> platform. Static contents, particularly images and videos, can be sent
>> to users from Akamai's nearest servers. In this case, most contents
>> should be served from Akamai and I wonder if Apache Traffic Server has
>> a significant role in reducing load on the web (Apache Httpd) servers.
> As Igor pointed out, Yahoo! uses a version of Traffic Server that is very
> similar to ATS v2.0.1 (which is much worse than v2.1.4 ;). Last I heard,
> they were delivering in the order of 300,000 RPS and 30-40GBps out of ~100
> servers (most of which are idle, they are deployed at such large quantity
> primarily to get edge presence around the world). If anyone from Yahoo! is
> around, please correct me where I'm wrong on these numbers.
> -- Leif

I see what you mean, and I think that makes sense to me.

In my specific scenario, I am going to depend on Akamai for edge
delivery and caching. I do not expect much hits to the infrastructure
because Akamai will presumably cache all the static contents. So does
it makes to have ATS cache static contents for Akamai to consume?

I expect to use Apache Httpd in my architecture to serve static
contents, as well as proxy and mod_pagespeed, but I am not sure if ATS
makes sense for me if I plan on using both Apache Httpd and Akamai.

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