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From Steve Jiang <>
Subject Re: Preventing host headers from changing in forward proxy mode
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 20:55:38 GMT
Hi Greg,

TS is checking the request-URI 's host matches the host header and 
modifying the header if it does not to avoid content spoofing. There's 
an option that isn't in the default records.config that controls this:

CONFIG proxy.config.http.avoid_content_spoofing INT 1

Can you try adding that to your config file and setting it to 0?  That 
should give the behavior that you want.  Keep in mind TS will use the 
host header when matching for items in cache if you have that enabled.


Greg Smolyn wrote:
> Hi, 
> we've decided to use traffic server as a cache for a background process that does a bunch
of fetching.  Admittedly we're doing something a bit non standard, but we're having troubles
trying to configure the system such that it doesn't modify host headers on us.
> Here's the scenario:
> - trafficserver is listening on
> - we have a number of local VIPs on our machine that we use as aliases for real backend
servers, so, if we want to fetch, we would go through it's VIP
at, say,
> What happens with trafficserver in the mix is:
> - we open TCP connection to and does a GET with
> - trafficserver then requests on a GET /test.jpg, with Host:
> What we really need is the original Host header in the proxied request.
> We've tried turning on proxy.config.url_remap.pristine_host_hdr (setting it to 1), however
this does nothing.
> Any suggestions? Or are we going to have to write a plugin?  And if so, which is a good
plugin sample to start from?
> Thanks!
> -greg

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