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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Intermittent JSP Caching/Compiling Issue while under load
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2019 07:11:30 GMT
On 31/10/2019 22:07, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 29/10/2019 14:31, Tim K wrote:
>> I'm on Tomcat 9.0.21 on Linux.  I have Jsps that get updated while
>> Tomcat is running.  I believe development mode is set to true by
>> default, I do not have it set to true or false in the
>> $CATALINA_BASE/conf/web.xml for the Jsp servlet init-params.  I have a
>> cluster of 4-8 servers across different envs.  I'm noticing an
>> intermittent issue where 1 or more of my tomcat instances do not
>> always compile the latest Jsp content while the server is under load.
>> I've tried debugging the org.apache.jasper.compiler, it appears that
>> the class/java files of the tomcat work directory are getting
>> deleted/regenerated (get a new timestamp as well) but occasionally the
>> contents of the Jsp becomes out of sync in the generated class file
>> within the tomcat work directory.  I've tried different combinations
>> of development mode, checkInterval, modificationTestInterval but none
>> seem to help resolve this issue.  This only seems to be an issue when
>> the server is under a load.  I was able to reproduce in my lower env
>> (4 server cluster) while hitting the Jsp every 1 seconds while
>> changing the jsp contents.  I can make a subsequent change and the Jsp
>> content likely get's picked up by the same server(s) which previous
>> didn't pick it up.
> That you see the issue when hitting the JSP once a second makes me think
> it is something to do with timestamp resolution. Are you making
> modifications within a similarly short time-frame? Or do you still see
> the issue when the modifications are, say, minutes apart?

Could this be the issue:


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