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From Garret Wilson <>
Subject Re: efficient redirect map with embedded Tomcat
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2019 15:13:13 GMT
Could somebody at least point me to the best place to wire in site-level 
per-resource redirects in embedded Tomcat? I can create a solution, I 
just need to know where it is best to start.



On 10/11/2019 11:06 AM, Garret Wilson wrote:
> This is a question for Tomcat experts before I get started 
> implementing a new feature.
> Let's say I'm embedding Tomcat to serve static files. At the time of 
> creation I know that certain paths, such as `foo/bar.txt`, should 
> redirect to other paths, such as `some/other.txt`. What's the best way 
> to configure Tomcat to do those redirects? I'm comfortable with 
> extending the source code.
> Here are a couple of ideas that come to mind:
>  * I could create a redirect servlet and map different instances of it
>    to different targets in the context when I configure everything. But
>    in Tomcat's routing engine, is the most efficient way to do things?
>    (I assume that the servlet mappings can be placed "over" the default
>    servlet's path space, that is, cherry-pick paths for redirection,
>    falling back to the default file-serving servlet for non-redirect
>    paths.)
>  * I thought of patching into the default file servlet, overriding
>    `org.apache.catalina.WebResource`, and creating virtual
>    `RedirectResource` resources that don't correspond to any physical
>    file. However it's not obvious to me where I would create a
>    redirect. Maybe throw some redirect exception inside
>    `WebResource.getInputStream()`? (This is probably not correct. I'm
>    just brainstorming. The idea is sound if I knew where to put it.)
>  * Should I install a configured rewrite valve when I'm setting up
>    embedded Tomcat?
>  * Is there some other routing logic in Tomcat I could tap into most
>    efficiently, providing a known set of redirects?
> Thanks for any guidance. I'm want to figure out the best way to attack 
> this before getting very deep in an implementation.
> Garret

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