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From Boris Petrov <>
Subject Tomcat sets `Content-Length: 0` for 304 responses on HTTP/2
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2019 14:19:30 GMT

I have two issues with the "default" Tomcat configuration (the only
thing I've changed from it is that I've added an `UpgradeProtocol`
directive and SSL certificates). Tomcat version is 9.0.24.

The first one is the one I've written in the subject - for all 304
responses Tomcat is adding a `Content-Length: 0` header. This happens
only on HTTP/2. Any suggestions how to debug this are appreciated.

The second issue is that Tomcat sets the same ETag header for a static
file that changes between updates of my WAR. That is, I have a file
called `git-revision.json` in which there is the build-date and the
revision-number of the application. This file changes with every new
release of our WAR. Note that the length of the file is always the same.
And Tomcat *ALWAYS* puts the same ETag header for it -
`W/"89-318204000000"` (89 is the file length, not sure about the rest).
Why is Tomcat not changing the ETag header? This breaks for clients
which have already loaded it and don't get the new version because 304
is returned.

Thanks in advance,

Boris Petrov

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