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From Jerry Malcolm <>
Subject Massive Startup Time after Server Reboot
Date Sat, 18 May 2019 19:55:43 GMT
This is a weird one.  It started a few months ago.   I have TC 9 running 
on Windows Server 16.  After I reboot the entire server, Tomcat takes 
forever on startup.  It normally starts in about 30 seconds.  But after 
a server reboot it takes up to 15 minutes... chugging along at a snail's 
pace starting up all of the apps on all of the virtual hosts.  It always 
finally gets there with everything successfully running.  Other servers 
on the same box (Apache, JAMES, ISC BIND, MySQL) don't have any problem 
starting up.  CPU, Disk, Memory, etc. usages are barely showing on the 
performance graphs.  There's nothing in the Catalina log or system.err 
other than showing a couple of minute gap in the time stamp between each 
app as it starts up.  If I need to reboot again later, it boots again in 
about 30 sec as expected.

First question... any ideas off the top of your head that might be 
causing this?

Second question... is there any other logging I can turn on that might 
explain what TC is blocking on?



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