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From Garret Wilson <>
Subject Re: small extension for Tomcat in ApacheConNA2019
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 13:55:44 GMT
On 5/14/2019 5:27 AM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> …
>> Is that the sort of of level of talk they are looking for, and is
>> it of appropriate general interest for the conference?
> Your proposal will be put into a pool of source material for the
> conference and it will be weighed against the other submissions. So
> let the organizers decide whether or not the content is the right
> material.
> In the past two years, we have had a lot of presentations coming from
> "the community" which have generally been along the lines of what you
> have above, rather than "here's how to configure product X". I tend to
> prefer presentations that come from outside the core committers,
> because it shows what you guys are actually DOING with e.g. Tomcat.
> I'd encourage everyone to submit anything they think might be even
> somewhat related. You don't have to write the presentation before
> proposing it. Most presenters I know of are often continuing to work
> on their slides up until the day of their presentations :)

Thanks, Chris! I was just wanted to confirm I was in the general 
vicinity of subject topics.

I went ahead and submitted the proposal.



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