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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: Upgrading to tomcat 8.5.41
Date Wed, 15 May 2019 10:17:22 GMT
On 15.05.2019 10:16, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 15/05/2019 08:56, André Warnier (tomcat) wrote:
>> On 15.05.2019 00:23, Jim Weill wrote:
>>> We are currently running 8.5.32 on Server 2012r2.  I went to use the
>>> upgrade tool before downloading 8.5.41 and the instructions say "If there
>>> are no differences you will see an error page."
>>> When I check for any differences, even going back to 8.5.0 compared to
>>> 8.5.41, I get a "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /repos/asf
>>> on this server".  Is this the error I'm supposed to expect....?
>> Well no, obviously there is a problem with the page you mention above, I
>> get the same error (and I don't think that was expected behaviour).
>> For now, you will have to apply the "manual" procedure, which generally
>> consist of :
>> - stop tomcat
>> - make a backup of your current tomcat directories (at least "conf")
>> - install the new tomcat in either a new directory, or overwrite the
>> existing one
>> - then manually compare the files in the new "conf", with the backed-up
>> ones.
>> - bring over any "local" changes that you made previously to the "conf"
>> files, into the new ones (and not the opposite). According to the
>> upgrade notes, between different 8.5 versions, there are no breaking
>> changes in terms of configuration parameters, but better safe than sorry.
>> Problem description :
>> click on the "View Differences" button under
>> "Tomcat 8.5.x configuration file differences"
>> Looks like someone forgot to authorise
>> for the world.
>>  From, it looks like one needs to register
>> first with an id, in order to use this tool.
>> But this is not clear from the upgrading page.
> Infra have disabled the function that this depends on due to high levels
> of abuse (unrelated to our use) that caused availability issues for all
> users. The intention is to re-enable function at some point but ther is
> no firm timescale.
> It is fairly easy to do the same thing with git on the command line.
> Suggestions for an alternative solution welcome.

Since the OP indicated that this was under Windows, here is my suggestion :
- if not yet available, install a nice editor such as Notepad++
   (and consider donating)
- in Notepad++, there is a builtin plugin called "compare", very easy to use :
   - open both files to compare in Notepad++
   - trigger the plugin : Plugins -> compare -> compare
   - this shows a nice side-by-side display of the 2 files, with highlighted differences
     (and you can directly paste from the one to the other)
- use this to compare the files in tomcat/conf, between the current installed version and

the downloaded new tomcat version

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