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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Does Tomcat server printout System.out.print infor?
Date Mon, 13 May 2019 21:37:34 GMT
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On 5/11/19 22:39, Karen Goh wrote:
> Currently, I am uploading a new .war file up to my hosting
> company.
> However, I am puzzled how things work and would like to check what
> is the norm out there.
> They are using httpd apache server and tomcat.
> Basically, I have subscribed a private Tomcat server so I get an 
> instance of Tomcat server - 8.0.27.
That version is no longer supported by the "vendor" (Apache). You
should tell your hosting company that you want a supported version if
they are going to charge you for it :)

> But, the re-start of server is not in my control.
> I would like to know if this is the normal environment in a web
> hosting company ?

Inconvenient, perhaps, but not necessarily out of the ordinary.

> Another thing is that, in my newly uploaded war file, I don't get
> to see any System.out.println infor in my code, which I believe it 
> should be printed out, as per my last log file indication in the
> web hosting company.

If it's "their" instance and not yours, then you probably won't see
that. What kind of access do you have for the server? If you have
shell access, you can probably get the logs. Using System.out.println
is not a great idea as it's pretty inflexible. It's better to use a
"proper" logging system where you can specify the log file name, etc.

> What they told me is "Only if there is system level operation. For 
> example, unloading/reloading a war file would have logged."
> So, please help me know if it is not possible to see 
> system.out.print infor as what I have put in the code in my java 
> class ?
> Another thing is that I am going to put in the Tomcat Realm for the
>  log-in module and I am wondering where is the privacy since I do
> not have the full control over Tomcat in this web hosting
> environment ?

If you are using container-managed authentication (which is what
Tomcat Realms provide), then you have to trust the hosting provider.
There is no way to prevent the hosting provider from seeing any
secrets you have in that configuration.

- -chris
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