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From "" <>
Subject Re: Massive Startup Time after Server Reboot
Date Sat, 18 May 2019 21:39:33 GMT

apt-get install haveged
update-rc.d haveged defaults

This increases the system entropy for random generation and reduces boot
time for Tomcat considerably.


Am 18.05.19 um 22:18 schrieb Rainer Jung:
> Most likely it hangs waiting for enough entropy for random number
> generator seeding.
> Try whether the problem goes away if you add
> to you process flags. If you are using older Java than Java 8 (not
> possible for Tomcat 9 but just in case you also have older software
> stacks running), then it would be
> The cryptic /./ is not a typo, you would need it for Java before Java 8.
> If this doesn't help, then you should try capturing a few stack dumps
> (thread dumps) during the long startup time. People here can help
> interpret them.
> Regards,
> Rainer
> Am 18.05.2019 um 21:55 schrieb Jerry Malcolm:
>> This is a weird one.  It started a few months ago.   I have TC 9
>> running on Windows Server 16.  After I reboot the entire server,
>> Tomcat takes forever on startup.  It normally starts in about 30
>> seconds.  But after a server reboot it takes up to 15 minutes...
>> chugging along at a snail's pace starting up all of the apps on all
>> of the virtual hosts.  It always finally gets there with everything
>> successfully running.  Other servers on the same box (Apache, JAMES,
>> ISC BIND, MySQL) don't have any problem starting up.  CPU, Disk,
>> Memory, etc. usages are barely showing on the performance graphs. 
>> There's nothing in the Catalina log or system.err other than showing
>> a couple of minute gap in the time stamp between each app as it
>> starts up.  If I need to reboot again later, it boots again in about
>> 30 sec as expected.
>> First question... any ideas off the top of your head that might be
>> causing this?
>> Second question... is there any other logging I can turn on that
>> might explain what TC is blocking on?
>> Thanks.
>> Jerry
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