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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: small extension for Tomcat in ApacheConNA2019
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 12:27:20 GMT
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On 5/13/19 18:15, Garret Wilson wrote:
> Hi, Jean-Frederic. Could you give an indication of what sort of 
> presentations they are looking for? Would a presentation of an 
> open-source Tomcat extension, with architecture/code explanation
> and live demonstration, be appropriate? For example:
> *Title:* Serving Clean Resource Names with Custom MIME Internet 
> Types on Tomcat
> *Summary:* Increasingly static site generators are being used to 
> create a presence on the web, both for the speed and simplicity of 
> the resulting static pages. Coupled with this trend is the use of 
> "clean" resource names with no extensions, such as 
> `/products/mousetrap` instead of `/products/mousetrap.html`.
> Because the default Tomcat implementation determines MIME type by
> filename extension, "clean" filenames are traditionally produced by
> URL redirects, perhaps using Apache HTTP Server in conjunction
> with `mod_rewrite` in front of Tomcat. This presentation shows how
> Tomcat has been extended to dynamically determine MIME type at
> runtime based on metadata stored in a parallel file tree or as
> sidecar files, and to serve the pages directly from Tomcat with no
> need for URL redirects. A tutorial on the static site generator
> Guise Mummy is also included, illustrating how to generate a static
> site with clean resource names, host the site immediately using
> embedded Tomcat, and/or even deploy the site to AWS S3 using bucket
> object metadata with a single command.
> Is that the sort of of level of talk they are looking for, and is
> it of appropriate general interest for the conference?

Your proposal will be put into a pool of source material for the
conference and it will be weighed against the other submissions. So
let the organizers decide whether or not the content is the right

In the past two years, we have had a lot of presentations coming from
"the community" which have generally been along the lines of what you
have above, rather than "here's how to configure product X". I tend to
prefer presentations that come from outside the core committers,
because it shows what you guys are actually DOING with e.g. Tomcat.

I'd encourage everyone to submit anything they think might be even
somewhat related. You don't have to write the presentation before
proposing it. Most presenters I know of are often continuing to work
on their slides up until the day of their presentations :)

- -chris
> On 5/13/2019 1:28 PM, jean-frederic clere wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We have a small extension for The Tomcat track in ApacheConNA2019
>> CfP until Tuesday 23h59 GMT! Go and submit now ;-)
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