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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: How to run Tomcat in Synology
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 14:12:13 GMT
On 29.11.2017 10:54, jose luis Calvo wrote:
> it's incredible! what is happening in support teams?  I need help please.

We know that, and we're trying.  But we can't know what is in the package of the various 
OS distributions. Those are made by different people than the Tomcat developers.
It can be that the person who created that Tomcat package for Synergy, just did not 
include all the files.
If you download and install a "genuine original tomcat" from the "genuine original" tomcat

website (e.g., and follow the installation 
instructions provided there, /then/ we may be able to help you.
(And that version /does/ have a tomcat-users.xml file in the "conf" directory)

Que la fuerza esté con usted !

> Dear André, firstly thank you for your quickly response. I can
> understand what happen because Synology Service told me that (all
> consersation are below):
> Dear Customer,
> Thank you for contacting Synology. We will get back to you as soon as
> possible. Thanks for your patience.
> Below is a copy of your message that we've just received from you.
> Problem Explanation:
> I have a NAS Synology DS414 and I can not use tomcat 6 or 7 correctly,
> my installation no have file "tomcat-users.xml" because I can't find
> it into tomcat folder. When I run tomcat it is showing me a password
> box dialog but I didn't password before and in folders there isn't
> "tomcat-users.XML" ¿Could you know what kind of problems have a
> Synology OS with Tomcat installations?
> Thank you in advance from Pamplona. Spain.
> Problem Reproduce Steps:
> Related hardware:
> Product Information/Question Personal Information
> Product: DS414 Type of Customer: End User
> Product Version: DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 Company Name:
> Product Serial Number: 1490MEN655802 Full Name: Jose Calvo
> Type of Usage: For Personal Use Job Title: Government
> E-mail: Address:
> Telephone:
> Location: Europe / Spain
> Type of Message: Need Technical Support Category: Packages (Java 7 / Java 8)
> Synology Support <>
> 23 nov. (hace 6 días)
> Synology answers..._______________________________________________________________
> Dear Jose,
> By default Tomcat will not have any users/passwords in which case you
> would need to create one.
> Please note that Tomcat is a 3rd party package and unfortunately we do
> not provide setup assistance (aside from ensuring the package can
> install onto the unit) in which case it is recommended to contact
> Tomcat directly or refer to their user forums/help page for
> assistance.
> Regards,
> DeSjonae
> _______________________________________________________________
> Sent by Synology Technical Support from Synology MailPlus
> jose luis Calvo
> Dear DeSjonae. Thank you for your support. My main problem is I can't open To...
> 23 nov. (hace 6 días)
> Synology Support
> 27 nov. (hace 2 días)
> Hi Jose,
> When you launch tomcat from the diskstation are you being presented
> with a login box asking for username/password? If so then please note
> that the username/pwd needs to be created via CLI as per my initial
> email before you can login to Tomcat manager as by default there is no
> username/pwd. If you need assistance with configuring tomcat or the
> username/pwd then I would recommend contacting tomcat directly or
> referring to their user forums on how to setup the software.
> 2017-11-29 9:58 GMT+01:00 André Warnier (tomcat) <>:
>> On 29.11.2017 08:45, jose luis Calvo wrote:
>>> Tomcat version: 7.0.82-0113
>>> Operating System: Synology DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2
>>> Model: DS414
>>> Subject: After install component from Package Center Tomcat is ready
>>> to configure but only there are three initial folders "docs"
>>> "host-manager" and "manager". Please help me I don't know what I
>>> should to do now. I doesn't exist any tomcat-users.xml file and
>>> others... is so empty in compare with windows/linux installation.
>>> Tarjet: My intention is install Tomcat  with MariaDB and MyPhpAdmin to
>>> run my web pages with servlets and more...
>> Hi.
>> We also do not know what is in Synology's Tomcat package, or where it puts
>> the various files when you install it.
>> I believe that you will have to ask Synology about that.
>> Also, as far as I can tell, DSM is an operating system for a NAS.  I'm not
>> sure if it is really a good idea to install and use Tomcat and MariaDB and
>> MyPhpAdmin on such a system.
>> A NAS is a device that is specialised and optimised for providing shared
>> disk space for other computers. It is not really designed to run
>> applications directly.
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