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From "" <>
Subject Re: Am I reinventing the wheel to get letsencrypt certs for Tomcat
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2017 14:11:38 GMT
Am 27.10.2017 um 15:29 schrieb André Warnier (tomcat):
> On 27.10.2017 15:05, Don Flinn wrote:
>> Hi Andre,
>> I have looked and it may be my ignorance but I didn't find any that
>> seemed
>> to fit.  I'll look more closely at the available letsencrypt clients.
> It is certainly more my own ignorance, rather than yours. I was only
> pointing out the obvious, since a fair number of people who post
> questions here seem to not bother doing their own homework first, and
> neglect obvious sources of information such as the WWW or the Tomcat FAQ.
> Your proposal solution below sounds very nice, and would certainly be
> of immense help to SSL/HTTPS dummies such as myself.
> I'm out of my depth already, but on this forum, Christopher may be the
> person most able to provide thoughtful and competent comments
> regarding such matters.
> I guess he'll be in shortly, being on the same oceanic side as you are
> (or seem to be; one never really knows these days).

Let's Encrypt will roll out an ACME module for Apache httpd called mod_md:

It would be most interesting to have a similar functionality directly
built into Tomcat, taking care of LE certs and their wildcard certs
coming next year.

Best regards

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