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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: TomCat service is running but not responding
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2017 14:50:25 GMT
On 20.10.2017 15:46, wrote:
> I have a TomCat 8.5.23 service running on a Windows 2008 server.  The service would be
> running fine but it periodically stops responding until I reboot the server.  I tried
> restarting the service but it does not always respond again.  I am not sure what logs
> can look at or if it is the app that I am running on the service.  I looked through the
> Wiki but with no luck.

Under Windows, assuming the default installation as a Service, all of tomcat should be 
under one directory (assuming the default again, something like "Program Files / Apache ..

/ tomcat....").
Locate the subdirectory "logs" under that, and find the recent files. That is what you 
should look at, first of all.  All "events" there have a date/time stamp, so you should 
locate something around the time when tomcat "stops responding". If you find such lines 
with the prefix "warning" or "error", copy and paste it here for someone to have a quick look.

Then also tell a bit more about the "stop responding" aspect. What exactly happens when 
you try to access tomcat, in the browser ?
Are you not getting any answer at all, no mater how long you wait ?
Are you gettin an error page ?
Are you getting a blank page ?

Note that this list strips most kinds of attachments, so it is better to copy and paste 
whatever text you get, directly in your messages to the list.

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