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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: [URGENT] Content-Encoding: gzip not set
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2015 23:21:54 GMT
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On 3/10/2015 3:33 PM, Victor Rodriguez wrote:
> I'm sorry.  I should have prefaced my original question by stating
> that I'd read the Tomcat documentation and did extensive googling
> on the subject, but could not find the answer I was looking for.
> The only solution I found was having a servlet filter that adds the
> 'Content-encoding: gzip' response header and since I was
> referencing static content outside of any war file, I didn't want
> to have to write a servlet filter.
> Underlying Chris's original response was the assumption that I
> hadn't already read the documentation or done some research on my
> own prior to asking for assistance here, which was not the case.
> And then he didn't even point me to the pertinent documentation,
> but rather just said that I should read the documentation.  If he
> had pointed me to the pertinent documentation, I would not have
> been upset, but simply telling me to read the documentation pissed
> me off a bit.
> My apologies to all, but in the future, please don't assume that
> people haven't done some research prior to asking for assistance
> here.  Again, I accept part of the blame for not having said that
> to begin with, but telling someone to read the documentation
> without even so much as a hint as to where to look is analogous to
> telling someone to read the JDBC spec in response to a JDBC
> question (which by the way has also happened to me!) hehehe...
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 4:09 PM, André Warnier <>
> wrote:
>> Victor Rodriguez wrote:
>>> I finally have it working in Apache using the following.  If
>>> there's an easy way to accomplish this in Tomcat I'd pref that
>>> cuz I could just leverage our existing deployed tomcats.
>>> Thanks!
>>> AddType application/json .json AddType
>>> application/vnd.quantized-mesh .terrain AddEncoding x-gzip .gz
>>> .tgz .json .terrain
>> Victor, you are wasting everyone's time. Go away.
>> Or else, why do you not re-read the very first response to your
>> very first question, which already contained the correct answer,
>> more than 24 hours and 15 messages ago ?
>> Or are you so infused with yourself that you do not realise why
>> you might have upset some people here ?

Very, very late to the party. BIA/BCP/RTO/RPO/audit/yuck.


Mark's answer was spot on, and the documentation for Tomcat 8.0 gives
more or less explicit instructions.

Skimming over the thread, I don't see where you ever told folks what
version of Tomcat you were using (I could be wrong).

Using Mark's answer, I immediately went to the following page:

Read that documentation, especially where it concerns gzip.

If you need an example as to how to set gzip=true, look at the other
init-param nodes in the web.xml included on that page.

Seriously, I know you don't want to hear this but read the
documentation. Yes it's sometimes a bit dense (as in lots of
information, few words). However, it is for the most part very fine
documentation. Where it's not, patches are welcome (yes, I have one
long overdue).

If you come back and say, "Here's what I read, here's what I
understood, here's what I tried, here's what happened, here's what I
wanted to happen", then people are much more likely to help. In short
(don't laugh, folks), demonstrate that you've put at least as much
effort into solving the problem as those people taking time to help
you find the answer.

Oh, and start out by reading this:

If not, then most likely you'll wear out your welcome.

It sounds like you have already worn out your welcome for JDBC.

. . . just my (beleaguered) 2 cents
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