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From Carl Dreher <>
Subject Re: threads vs. servlets
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2015 15:25:30 GMT
> If I write a servlet such as the above, is there ever only once instance of it running?

>> Don't confuse objects with threads.  There is one instance of a particular servlet,
but many threads may be executing in it concurrently, with each thread processing a separate

I understand that each request is handled by a separate thread.  But does each thread have
its own copy of the servlet code?  Or does each thread request the use of the servlet, wait
until it is available, use it, and then release it back to be used by the next thread, sort
of like a database connection? I'm pretty sure it is the former, but just wanted to check.

> I'd like to offer a suggestion:  In multiple places, the FAQs about using this list have
comments such as " sure to check the archives before
> asking a question..." but don't have any links (or instructions) on HOW to do that!

>> There's no point in repeating something in a myriad of places that you must have
already read in order to sign up for the mailing list.  As clearly stated on the mailing lists
>> (
>> "Formatted archives are available in several places including the Apache Mail Archives,
MARC, Nabble, and MarkMail. The raw mbox files are also available."

That presumes that someone searching for an answer is a member of this list.  I suspect that
there are many, many more people who have download and are trying Tomcat than are here.  It
is very likely someone finds a reference to a discussion through Google, and thus don't come
through the Apache page "front door".

I actually did go to the Apache page you referenced when I started searching, and saw that
line.  The Apache Mail Archives link takes you to non-searchable records of every email. 
The MARC link returns a ridiculous list of hundreds of additional links, one of which is "tomcat
users", which returns even more links, etc.  I don't know WHAT Nabble is suppose to
seems to be about starting blogs. The MarkMail link is OK once you figure out what it does,
but it is not as good as the simple link I provided.  Oh, and none of the FAQ pages provide
links or instructions on how to search the archive.

So, no, you don't have to repeat the instructions in myriad places. Just simply, cleanly explain
it (with examples) in one place and then include links in myriad places.  It is like putting
a "contact us" link on every page of a website instead of just the home page: it simply makes
it easier for the user.  (Some people call it user-friendly.  Personally, I just call it being

- Carl Dreher

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