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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Switching basic auth to client-cert with realms - how?
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 20:49:56 GMT
On 13 Mar 2015, at 10:34 PM, Neven Cvetkovic <> wrote:

>>> What doesn’t seem to fit is the realm definition - specifying userCredCol
>>> is marked as mandatory, but this is obviously not present with a client
>>> certificate. What do you specify in this field?
> You define the password column, which could have NULL values now, since we
> don't use passwords anymore.

I don’t follow, do you mean I shouldn’t define the password column?

> Here's another interesting article that tackles the old version of Tomcat,
> but the ideas are very similar. Here's a link:

I’ve already found all of these, and have trawled through them to no avail. It appears all
the information is stale.

I am currently stuck on two specific areas:

- None of the debug logging seems to work any more in any kind of predictable fashion, as
detailed in my other message.
- Turning on SQL statement logging in postgres shows that at no point is any SQL statement
executed against the database.

If I had some kind of meaningful error that accompanied the 403 it would be a huge help.

Is anyone able to confirm where I might place a breakpoint to step through the tomcat code?


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