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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: restricting access to images
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 17:10:45 GMT
> From: Carl Dreher [] 
> Subject: restricting access to images

> I need to restrict access to a website's images, to people that have 
> logged on, have authorization etc.  I've searched though the Tomcat 
> user's mailing list archives and didn't find a discussion that addressed 
> this, so I thought I'd asked for some architectural guidance.

A prerequisite for doing anything with Tomcat is to read the servlet spec for the version
you're using (which you didn't tell us).  You will find a section in there on security, documenting
the means to control access to resources.

> If I write a servlet such as the above, is there ever only once instance 
> of it running?

Don't confuse objects with threads.  There is one instance of a particular servlet, but many
threads may be executing in it concurrently, with each thread processing a separate request.

> I'd like to offer a suggestion:  In multiple places, the FAQs about using 
> this list have comments such as " sure to check the archives before 
> asking a question..." but don't have any links (or instructions) on HOW 
> to do that!

There's no point in repeating something in a myriad of places that you must have already read
in order to sign up for the mailing list.  As clearly stated on the mailing lists page (

"Formatted archives are available in several places including the Apache Mail Archives, MARC,
Nabble, and MarkMail. The raw mbox files are also available."

 - Chuck

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