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From Alessandro Manzoni <>
Subject connectionProperties is failing?
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 17:04:20 GMT
I configured a Resource datasouce inside context.xml but the resulting 
connection is misconfigured.

The failing attribute appears as:

connectionProperties="sort=table;sort table=QSYS/QASCII"

but looking at the connection (while debugging) properties are messed 
up, instead of the above 2 properties I see only 1:


  It looks like the property "sort table", with a blank inside the name, 
was not correctly parsed.

I'm using jtOpen.jar AS400JDBCDriver that supports a lot of such strange 
property names:

If I try supplying the same properties using the connect(Properties) 
method, or appending them to the url, all is fine.

Is there some special syntax to achieve my goal?

Thanks + kind regards.

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