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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: j_security_check error
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2013 21:05:29 GMT
J. Brian Hall wrote:
> I’m using Tomcat and a MySQL database that contains
> usernames/passwords/roles for form-based authentication.  Logging in with
> correct username/password successfully directs to index.jsp (from
> login.jsp).  Logging in with incorrect username/password successfully
> directs to error.jsp (from login.jsp).  However, an unsuccessful login
> followed by attempting to login with the correct username/password leads to
> an HTTP Status 404 j_security_check error that says the requested resource
> is not available.  Does anyone know what may be wrong?  Here are the details
> of my configuration.

To understand what is going on there, I suggest that you install a browser plugin such as

HttpFox, Live HTTP headers, or Fiddler2(for IE), and that you have a look at which request

URLs and HTTP headers are really being sent by the browser to the server (and vice-versa),

at each step.
Probably what happens is that the original URL requested by the browser is lost somewhere

when you go through the error page, and that by the time you do the second (correct) 
authentication, the server does not know anymore where to forward the (now authenticated)

request to. So it ends up being forwarded to some invalid URL, and you get back a 404 error.

What does your "error.jsp" page really look like ?

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