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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Responses of two different requests concatinated
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 10:30:03 GMT
On 07/08/2013 12:23, Marvin Lillehaug wrote:
> Hi!
> We recently got an error report from a user of one of the systems we have developed,
showing that the response from a different request had been appended to the original response.

> The original response was the front page of a site, generated with jsp, and the appended
response was a excel file generated a few seconds earlier. 
> Our current hypothesis is that some buffer in either httpd(2.2.22) or Tomcat (7.0.35)
has been recycled.
> Httpd is connected to Tomcat using http proxypass.
> I have started trying to reproduce the problem, but thought I should try the mailing
lists of both httpd and tomcat before continuing. 
> What I have done thus far is: concatenating html and excel to verify that it is possible
to open and looks the way the user experienced; building a custom version of Tomcat that uses
the same Processor for each request and configured to use only one thread.
> This seems a bit similar to the issue described in
> Some results when googleling suggests that this could happen when jsp tags are not coded
properly, but I have not found any such code in our applications.
> Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

In order of likelihood:
- app bug
- Tomcat bug
- httpd bug

I'd look for code that retains a reference to the request and/or
response object or maybe an OutputStream. The usual cause of this type
of issue is retaining a reference across requests and re-using the
object from the old request rather than the current one.

Did the appended response include HTTP headers? If yes, this could just
be the result of pipe-lining.


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