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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Is the current Tomcat 7 servlet websocket implementation being deprecated?
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 07:59:07 GMT
On 06/08/2013 03:54, Bob DeRemer wrote:
> I’ve seen some mention on the user and dev mailing lists that the
> current servlet-based websocket implementation will be deprecated due to
> the implementation of the JSR-356.  We are currently implementing a
> Tomcat 7-based websocket server implementation that we hoped could scale
> up to at least 50K concurrent connections [or more], but are concerned
> if there are any known issues and/or limitations with the websocket
> implementation in Tomcat 7.

No known issues or limitations but the JSR-356 will be ported to 7.0.x
and the current WebSocket implementation deprecated shortly (hopefully
in the next few weeks).

> We are currently trying to test how high Tomcat 7 will scale with
> regards to the maximum number of concurrent websocket connections, but
> have already hit some problems with only 200+ concurrent connections. 
> Perhaps it’s our multi-threaded client, or Tomcat configuration – not
> sure at this point.  We have the Tomcat Connector configured with
> maxConnections=50000 and maxThreads=1000, so 200 concurrent connections
> shouldn't be a problem.

It should scale but won't scale as well as the JSR-356 implementation is
the current Tomcat 7 implementation is blocking within a frame.

> If anyone could elaborate on the Tomcat 7 servlet websocket
> implementation stability from a highly concurrent aspect that would be
> great.  Additionally, if anyone has achieved 10(s) of 1000(s) of
> concurrent websocket connections with Tomcat 7, can you share how Tomcat
> was configured, what OS it was running on, and what client library you
> used in testing this?

I don't have any references for that but will be adding something to the
unit tests.


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