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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Can not understand how maxThreads of Connectors works
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 08:32:14 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> Hermes,
> On 1/16/13 3:07 PM, Hermes Flying wrote:
>> I believe acceptCount can not work with value 0 because if I am
>> not wrong, the acceptCount is the value passed as backlog in the 
>> ServerSocket constructor. According to javadoc if the backlog
>> value is less than or equal to 0, then a default value is used
>> instead which is 50. So acceptCount=0 does not mean that backlog
>> queue does not queue anything. That is why I used the value 1
>> instead.
> Fair enough.
>> Also when I say I was expecting a network failure (bad terminology)
>> I meant that the client would get a failure in the TCP attempt to 
>> connect.
> Okay.
>> Also I used maxThreads=0 and the server worked fine. Did not see
>> any problem in my applications. Did not check the logs though. I
>> assumed that perhaps 0 would be set to some default value. Can not
>> answer about your observation. It also makes me wonder.
> Sure you can answer about my observation: look at your log files.
>> Finally concerning my test setup, I need to configure Tomcat to
>> limit the amount of concurrent client requests accepted.
> I understand that from reading your initial post.
>> I need to configure it so that e.g. 300 concurrent clients can 
>> connect but the 301 will not be able to connect (not queued by OS 
>> either). That client will see a failure to connect to server in
>> TCP level.
> I understand your requirements (though I think they are silly).
>> Do you need more info on this?
> I was asking about your test setup. You said you made 2 simultaneous
> requests with what seems to be an effective throughput of 2
> simultaneous requests (1 in-process and 1 in the queue) and were
> surprised that you got responses. I was not surprised. Are you still
> surprised?
> Next, how are you making those two simultaneous requests
> (specifically: like, are you using some tool to do it or did you write
> your own code)? What happens if you have maxThreads=1 and
> acceptCount=1 and you make 10 simultaneous requests? 100?

Quite a few messages ago, I asked the OP if he could copy/paste his server.xml.
The reason was that if his config uses an Executor, then I believe the Threads settings in

the Connectors don't really matter, do they ?

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