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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: afs3-rmtsys: connections keept open
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2013 18:14:24 GMT
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On 1/16/13 10:52 AM, David Kumar wrote:
> We got some serious trouble with our tomcats. Basically we using
> two 7.0.12 tomcats on a single Debian 6.0. One is running on port
> 7090 and the other on 9080. Time after time both tomcats are
> crashing. I found too many open files in tomcatlogfiles.


> Both Servers are running with one user (TOMCAT).

Can you post the <Connector> parts of your server.xml files (from both
Tomcat configurations)?

Also, what does `ulimit -n` return from an otherwise unmodified shell
running as the user who owns Tomcat processes?

> After changing max open files for that particular user I was able
> to get more than 1024 open files. Currently I'm checking log files
> every few minutes. With lsof|grep tomcat|wc -l I'm counting the
> open files by user. Usually there are around 600-700 open files.
> But sometimes the count grows and we have more than 1200 open
> files.

You'll get file handled opened for both real files (like /tmp/foo,
etc.) and for socket connections. If you aren't careful, you can have
a configuration that will work for a while bit tip-over under load.

> When ever the server does have so many open files I checked: lsof
> -u tomcat an figured out there are many connection waiting to be
> closed. The connections are looking like this:
> java    22312 tomcat  153u  IPv6            1508517      0t0
> TCP localhost:afs3-rmtsys->localhost:50127 (CLOSE_WAIT)

Are you sure your port is 7090 and not 7009? Is 22312 the right
process id for Tomcat? The well-known port number for the
"afs3-rmtsys" service is 7009. It would be odd, though, for your Java
process to be calling *out* from a port like that ... usually you get
a high-numbered port when making an outgoing connection. Who owns
localhost:50127 in that case?

- -chris
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