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From Bulent Ozhorasan <>
Subject Re: TFS SDK Native Library Error in a web service deployed on Axis2-Tomcat7-Ubuntu platform
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2013 08:40:10 GMT
TFS has a Java SDK which can be downloaded free from MS site.

Moreover for Java Developers, there is an Eclipse plugin called
Team Explorer Everywhere for Eclipse.

There is a also a Java command line client TEE CLC: tf
It's like subversion svn executable.

Problem is resolved.
To improve performance, TFS SDK uses native libraries (.so files for linux)
You introduce them by defining system property in Tomcat
/home/<your user name>/native

SDK (I used picks up related operatings system (linux) and
architecture (32bit,64bit) and uses proper .so files for ubuntu.

What I was doing wrong was putting 32 bit linux .so files directly
under /home/<your user name>/native and expecting TFS SDK to use them.
But this didn't work although sounded logical to me :)

For windows platforms,
it's sufficient to put *.dll files corresponding to your architecture
under <TOMCAT_HOME>/bin.


 From: Christopher Schultz <>
To: Tomcat Users List <> 
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 8:01 PM
Subject: Re: TFS SDK Native Library Error in a web service deployed on Axis2-Tomcat7-Ubuntu
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On 1/16/13 11:44 AM, Bulent Ozhorasan wrote:
> I'm trying to execute TFS SDK Api commands in an axis2 web service 
> deployed on Tomcat7.

For those not in the know, that's "Microsoft Team Foundation Server",
which is a sort of all-on-one source-control, reporting,
project-management thingamajig. I'm shocked it's got a JNI interface
to it.

> I successfully ran my small application on windows platform. I want
> to run my web service on a Tomcat deployed on Linux.

Okay, my level of suspected incredulity is increasing, here. If
Microsoft indeed does provide a native Java library for accessing it's
TFS SDK, I would find it hard to believe it would provide such a
library for anything but Microsoft Windows.

> I get the UnsatisfiedLinkError (Exception): .... Caused by:
> java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
> I defined system
> property. I modified to include
> -D"" line. I can see that above
> system variable is defined on Tomcat Axis2 happiness page (It
> gives information about VM parameters)
> My linux is 32 bit intel machine so I chose linux\x86 as native
> library files (5 .so files)

Which files? Can you list them? Also, what does this command return:

$ file /home/user/tfsbin/*

Also this:

$ java -version

> I copied them to /home/user/tfsbin and set 
> to this folder.

You may have to modify your java.library.path to include the directory
which contains those files. It's possible that the
"" system property avoids
you having to modify your java.library.path.

- -chris
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