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From Marcin ZajÄ…czkowski <>
Subject Application redeploy with keeping conf/Catalina/localhost/appName.xml
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2012 15:15:13 GMT

I have the environment specific properties defined in an application 
context file located $CATALINA_BASE/conf/Catalina/localhost/appName.xml. 
It works fine, but when I redeploy an application (e.g. by replacing a 
WAR file) the context file is removed (in my applications there is no 
/META-INF/context.xml file defined in WAR).

I dig a little bit and found related issues and discussions, like:

I've found an workaround to use symlinks (which are not removed), but it 
looks quite fragile.

What is the recommended solution to make an application redeploy and to 
keep a context file defined in Tomcat configuration directory?

Apache 7.0.29, Linux.


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