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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: resource configuration for jndi mail
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2012 16:59:04 GMT
Ah, careful reading (not Sunday evening reading) is your friend. I 
missed the above paragraph. The JNDI part I was clear on. What I missed 
was the "Additional resource attributes and values will be converted to 
properties" part. This appears in the Tomcat 7 documentation, but not 
the Tomcat 6 documentation.

> You can find big lists of properties that can you set in the following
> locations:

There are a lot of properties available, but unfortunately there is no 
password. However, the hint is there (in the paragraph that you quoted).

After trolling the source for Tomcat 6 (and a bit of searching on the 
Internet), it appears that a password can be specified. The source in 
question is:

The attribute is password (in the Resource definition). That looks like 
the only additional (non JavaMail API) attribute / property that this 
factory supports (hence the hint).

>> I suppose it's time to set up postfix.
> Not a terrible idea, though not strictly necessary.
> - -chris

I've never been fond of maintaining the same information in multiple 
places, so postfix is probably good in this environment.

Sounds like I should submit a couple of patches to the documentation.

1. Add the paragraph from Tomcat 7 back into Tomcat 6
2. Add a paragraph to both stating that Tomcat's MailSessionFactory
    supports "password" as the only additional attribute / property.

Thanks, Chris.

. . . . just my two cents.

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