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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [cluster] jvmRoute question
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 16:58:57 GMT
On 20.06.2011 18:35, János Löbb wrote:
> Hi,
> To take a tomcat instance out from a cluster, now I have a no-cluster.xml and in content
it is exactly the same as the server.xml, except the 
> <Cluster..../>
> tag is commented out.
> The question is should I also take out the jvmRoute="tc24x"  variable from the <Engine..../>
tag or leave it there.  My file remain the same whether a tomcat instance
is member of a cluster or not, so I incline to leave it there.  On the other hand I did testing
as this variable was removed and I have not experienced any problem.
> The hierarchy is  Server > Service > Engine > Cluster
> Any good suggestion is highly appreciated.

All it does is adding the value of the jvmRoute attribute at the end of
each session ID.

Usually it is used by load balancers to implement stickyness, e.g.
sending follow-on requests for the same session to the node on which the
session was generated.

If there's no load balancing involved in routing to theis node, then you
won't need the jvmRoute - but it won't hurt either.



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