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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Query regarding an issue been faced in TOMCAT
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 12:14:34 GMT
Srilalitha Bijumalla wrote:
> Hi
>             We have an application running on linux, we have a TOMCAT server installed
in linux as the applications web container. We are receiving "No space on device" error while
starting TOMCAT(Catalina.out attached for reference).
>             Though we have around 40% space available in /global/backup/ we see this
error message coming.
>             Kindly help
The list strips attachments, so we never saw the catalina.out.
Better paste the lines directly in your message.

Even with it however, this is likely not a Tomcat problem per se, and you would get better

help from your system administrators. "/global/backup" is anyway a very unlikely 
directory, in terms of what Tomcat could be using.

My first guess would be that it is the system's "logfiles directory" that is full. Under 
Linux, this is usually /var/log.
Do a "df -k" and look at what it says for "/var" (or "/", if there is no "/var" line).

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