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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Question on file
Date Tue, 25 May 2010 20:10:05 GMT
dB. wrote:
> IMHO the IIS redirection is a total hack. It's a lot of additional load, a whole other
web server to deal with, configure and administer. Because you're merely hiding Tomcat behind
IIS you're not really getting rid of your tomcat server, you're just masking the problem.
> I'll allow myself to theorize that Jakarta redirector was a stop gap solution because
people didn't want a Windows-only valve to do NTLM or because they couldn't write one.
I believe that you are missing the point.
Tomcat does things that Apache and/or IIS do not, running Java webapps 
being the main one.
IIS and/or Apache do things that Tomcat does not, or not well.
There are legitimate cases for using an Apache or IIS front-end to 
Tomcat, most of which having nothing to do with authentication.
And that is where one uses the Jk redirector.

You are right that using an IIS front-end /only/ to do authentication is 
a bit of a hack, but that is the express purpose here.
Basically, the OP is just trying to retrieve in Tomcat the user-id that 
should be there anyway at the IIS level, because in the OP's particular 
case it was the easiest path to follow, application-wise.

That it turns out to be such a difficult birth is mainly because of the 
OP's lack of familiarity with the IIS/JKRedirector/Tomcat configuration, 
not because of any flaw in the redirector or in the OP's basic plan.

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