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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: multiple form submits
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 22:33:38 GMT
Just some comments..

> How about the following?
> When the form is submitted, display a page without a submit button that 
> 1) indicates the form is being processed and 2) submits the form data 
> for actual processing.
And in the meantime, where is the page with the form with the data that 
has to be submitted ?

>> I've toyed with things like this (mostly by disabling form submit
>> buttons) but I've always been worried that something will interrupt the
>> submission process itself, leaving a user with a form that will never
>> submit again. :(
>> I'd love to hear some clever solutions to this problem. I started
>> writing a javascript function that would disable the submit button, then
>> schedule it to be re-enabled in, say, 30 seconds, but it was a bit 
>> fragile.
Ok, how about having the submit button inside of a <div>, of which you 
toggle the display:visible style attribute ?
Once it is clicked, it disappears.
After all, once you have clicked it once, you really /don't/ need it 
ever again, not for the same form you don't.
You may need the same form again, with other values, but that would be 
after the server has accepted the first post, and sent maybe a new clean 

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