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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Question on file
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 07:52:36 GMT
Ok then.  I am not familiar with IIS, but try the following :
In the AJP <Connector> of Tomcat, in server.xml, add the attribute

Then try again in your servlet with getRemoterUser().

If that does not work, then we wiil have to find an easy way to dump the 
HTTP request headers received by Tomcat, to see if there is one there 
from which we can obtain the user-id.

Note that this is all a shortcut that may work in some cases.
If your real final purpose is to do SSO at the Tomcat level, based on 
the user's Domain login, then I suggest that you have a look here :  (Jespa)

savoym wrote:
> Yes.  The users are already being authenticated by IIS before IIS forwards
> the request to Tomcat.  And yes, I am wanting to retrieve in my java app
> this userid from what I thought would be through the HttpServletRequest
> class.  However, that is not working.  I tried to retrieve it using this
> class on the header Authorization but I am still getting a NULL value. 
> I understood, that maybe through the file I could SET a
> server environment variable using the Request.ServerVariable("AUTH_USER")
> method but I'm not sure how to accomplish that if that is a possibility.
> I guess I'm just not sure how to get at the USERID that IIS should already
> have in some form or fashion.
> I hope that is more clear.  I appreciate very much the question and reply.
> Regards.
> awarnier wrote:
>> savoym wrote:
>>> I just got IIS to forward my request to Tomcat using the Apache
>>> Tomcat-Connectors doc. 
>>> I am trying to authenticate the user login/id that executes the request
>>> to
>>> my web app to be able to grab the user login and use in my java  app. 
>> Can you explain a little bit more in detail, or maybe just in another 
>> way, what you are trying to achieve ?
>> Are users already authenticated by IIS (as per their Windows Domain 
>> user-id), before IIS forwards the request to Tomcat ? And do you want to 
>> retrieve this user-id in Tomcat ?
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