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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: mod_jk file not found
Date Sun, 16 May 2010 19:11:25 GMT
Markus Mehrwald wrote:
> I did not find the actual problem but I can live with this script not 
> delivered by apache. Maybe this is because the js is inside a jar file?

I have to admit that in my previous analysis, this is a case which I did 
not envision. One learns every day.
What makes you think that Apache httpd is smart enough to know that the 
js file is hidden inside of a jar file, and unpack it to get the file ?

(Thank you for reminding me of some good pages of Evil Geniuses).

> Another strange thing is the JkAutoAlias. It realy only works with the 
> appended ROOT directory. Otherwise the JkUnMount rule matches but apache 
> cannot find the according file. As long as I do only have one 
> application this is also OK for me.
See: JkAutoAlias
But don't miss this :
Care should be taken to ensure that only static content is served via 
httpd as a result of using this directive. Any static content served by 
httpd will bypass any security constraints defined in the application's 

Also, refer to the red warning on top of these directives.

Apart from that, I think you should not use JkAutoAlias together with 
JkMount directives. Use one or the other.  As far as I understand, 
JkAutoAlias is just a kind of "wildcard JkMount" anyway, with all the 
risks linked to that.

I never use JkAutoAlias, so I am not sure that I really understand the 
details of what it does, but what I do not really understand in your 
configuration, is why you do
JkMount /* worker1
JkAutoAlias /opt/tomcat/webapps/ROOT

To me, basically, they do the same thing.  Except that the second one is 
dangerous, because it might allow Apache to serve, for example, the 
contents of your /ROOT/WEB-INF/ directory.
What happens if you try the URL
See anything ?
And what happens when you just take out that JkAutoAlias directive ?

> Now a third problem occured. I moved the JkMount/JkUnMount part out of 
> the virtual host into the global config. The mod_jk.conf is loaded 
> before any other file in conf.d (where ssl.conf resides). As far as I 
> know every virtual host should now uses this configuration but the one 
> for port 443 does not!? I have to put the same lines of the global 
> config into the virtual host for port 443. I am not sure but this also 
> might be a configuration problem of apache instead of mod_jk.
That is how it is supposed to work.
See JkMount :
By default JkMount entries are not inherited from the global server to 
other VirtualHosts or between VirtualHosts. For the complete inheritance 
rules, see: JkMountCopy.

 > I did not check the SetHandler part yet but shouldn't it also work 
with the JkMount's?
It should, provided you read the JkMountCopy explanation.

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