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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: JMX and Tomcat-Queue
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 14:24:11 GMT
Baba wrote:
> Is there no way to get this information (How much requests are in the
> accept queue?) out?
Even if you could find this out at the Tomcat level, I seem to recall 
that you also wanted to find out "what kind of request" these were, so 
that you could decide to reject selectively some of them.
I do not think that there is ever going to be a way by which you can do 

So I would look at another solution :

In front of your Tomcat, have another front-end server, which can really 
examine the requests /before/ forwarding them to Tomcat.
This server may also be able to find out how many threads are currently 
busy processing requests at the Tomcat level, and based on these two 
aspects, decide to forward or not the request to Tomcat.
The front-end may even be able then, in case it rejects a request, to 
return a nice answer to the client, instead of just aborting the connection.

You can probably achieve about the same effect in Tomcat alone, along 
the following lines :
- have all client requests always go to a specific "dispatcher" webapp
- that webapp examines the situation, and depending on it either 
forwards the request to a "real" webapp, or rejects the request and 
returns something itself to the client.
The bottleneck then becomes this dispatcher webapp, but if it is 
lightweight enough, that might work too.

But I still believe the front-end solution would be more flexible and 
After all, that is very close to what a load-balancer does.

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