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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: FW: Apache Close-Wait issue
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 07:59:18 GMT
Darren Kukulka wrote:
> No one willing to touch this one?  I thought I'd get at least a passing
> comment...:-(
Passing comment : maybe the fact that this is the Tomcat help forum, and 
that your problem seems to be more linked to the Apache httpd webserver 
and "network appliance" side of things, is a reason ?

As another passing comment : a connection in the CLOSE_WAIT state means 
that one side has closed the connection, but the other side has not.  If 
it remains so for a long time, it probably indicates some issue in the 
code.  If this was Tomcat, I would suspect an object instance containing 
a socket, with the object having been discarded without closing the 
socket first, and the discarded object sitting on the heap waiting to be 
garbage-collected.  In my experience, these things just pile up, and 
when there are enough of them (a couple of hundred ?), you may reach a 
stage where the system's network stack becomes unresponsive, totally.

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