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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat and Salesforce Issue
Date Sun, 28 Jun 2009 03:42:18 GMT
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On 6/26/2009 5:34 AM, Jamz_2010 wrote:
> Sorry about that, I have checked the catalina.out file and it says that an
> exception is thrown, I will have a ensure it prints the stack trace and will
> have a look at it in the morning - sorry I can't test this earlier but I
> need to wait for it to fail overnight. At the moment I simply catch the
> exception that is thrown and it simply gives a null error. This I would
> normally expect to occur when there is no data present in the database,
> however, I have also printed the SQL query and checked it against the
> database and it brings back results. I'll get that stack trace to you asap.

Hmm... if your database connection died, could that cause the behavior
you're experiencing? If so, and it happens overnight, perhaps you have a
firewall killing your db connection.

Are you using a connection pool? If so, try configuring a connection
validation query appropriate for your database (and connection pool).

Certainly getting more information will be helpful. Note that it's not
good to "swallow" exceptions by catching them and either ignoring them
or throwing an unrelated exception without either logging the exception
or wrapping it up in another one. Avoiding swallowing your exceptions
would have helped you out, here.

- -chris
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