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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problem of port 8080
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2009 07:04:08 GMT
Xia Guowen wrote:
> Why port 8080 is disapeared ? 
We do not know that either.  What do the Tomcat logs say ?

> Is java or tomcat bind to port 8080? 
Well, it depends on the point of view..
It is Tomcat which takes the decision, but since Tomcat runs under a 
Java JVM, one could say that it is really Java which opens that port.

> Compatible problem between JDK and Tomcat?

Check the Tomcat configuration file : (TOMCAT_DIRECTORY)/conf/server.xml

In that file, there are several (uncommented) <Connector ...> tags.
Each such Connector corresponds to a port which Tomcat opens, and 
listens on.
These ports can vary, depending on which platform you are on, which 
Tomcat version, and your own configuration.

netstat -pan | grep LISTEN
will show you the open listening ports, and also the process-id/program 
which "owns" that port.

ps -ef | grep (process-id) will show you if this is really Tomcat

If the port 8080 is there when you start Tomcat, and then disappears 
after some time, the Tomcat logs should contain something about it.
A Connector does not just disappear by itself, so there must ne some 
error happening.

In a standard Tomcat installation (from the Tomcat site, the logfiles would be in (TOMCAT_DIR)/logs.
In pre-packaged versions under Linux, they are usually under 
but sometimes they are re-directed somewhere else.
Check the system script by which you are starting Tomcat to find out 
where this is. (/etc/init.d/tomcatx.y probably)

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