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From Matthew Laird <>
Subject Re: jk Status not showing errors
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 19:46:47 GMT

Rainer Jung wrote:

> Assuming that you did refresh the jkstatus display: what is your test
> client? The fact that you see OK/IDLE, but all requests go to the other
> node indicates, that you are using requests with associated session, so
> the balancer is not allowed to send them to the other node and thus does
> not detect the down node. Check to remove the JSESSIONID cookie before
> sending requests, or use a client which allows cookie disabling (like curl).

Is there any way to make it ping and detect a dead Tomcat without a 
request coming in?  I thought I was doing that with the 
worker.lbbasic.ping_mode=CI setting.


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