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Subject Re: Caching rendered page - reducing hits to the backend?
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 08:37:28 GMT
Have you already measured the performance of your application and
determined that caching the rendered pages is the appropriate thing to
do - ie how have you determined that database access is the bottleneck?

If not, caching page content may just hide a multitude of performance
related sins.

JPA's built-in caching may already provide enough in the way of
performance improvements to make an additional caching layer pointless.

Is the database on a different machine or the same one and are you
clustering Tomcat?

You're probably worrying unnecessarily.


Markus Stauffer wrote:
> like this:  ?
> Am 30.05.2009 um 21:51 schrieb Andre-John Mas:
>> Hi,
>> Much of the content on the site which I am in the process will be
>> semi-static, and I want to be able to cache the rendered pages to
>> reduce database hits. To explain:
>> A given page will depend on dynamic data that is stored in the
>> database, but that data is updated about once a month. The only true
>> dynamic information will be the header where the user login state is
>> shown. There will likely be a few million entries in this database and
>> we are planning to support high traffic. The pages can be localised.
>> The page is going to be queried as such:
>> Although I am using a direct JPA access, we might change to use web
>> services in the future.
>> Am I worrying unecessarily? At the same time are there recommended
>> approaches. I am currently using struts2 and JPA for the web site, if
>> it makes a difference.
>> André-John
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