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Subject Question concerning application paths
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 07:02:39 GMT
Hey all.

I have a an application where other people can deploy their own  
applications. I would like all the applications to use a common  
library. However, when I add some common JARs to a shared libarary I'm  
having some path trouble.

I have a xml file in each application which have paths to my DTD  
files. The problem is that Tomcat tries to look for these files under  
"tomcat/bin/", not from "tomcat/webapps/appName/".


In my XML file at "tomcat/webapps/appName/myXML.xml" I have the  
following path: "WEB-INF/dtd/someDTD.dtd". I'm using XSLT to transform  
some XML files and Tomcat always tries to look this "someDTD.dtd"  
under "tomcat/bin/". Naturally the file is not there so I get an error.

How could I make Tomcat to look for the files under  
"tomcat/webapp/appName/" , not under "tomcat/bin/"?

Thanks for any help!

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