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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Multiple applications
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 15:24:13 GMT
> From: Peter Flynn []
> Subject: Multiple applications
> Is it possible to run multiple applications like this on 
> the same machine using the same Tomcat server?

Clearly you can - look how many independent webapps are deployed in the standard Tomcat download.

> I did look at just replacing ROOT in webapps but that seems
> a little heavy-handed, and it would seem to defeat any chance
> of adding Lucene and eXist.

Replacing ROOT with your desired default webapp for the domain is not heavy-handed, it's expected.
 You can obviously only have one default webapp per <Host>; other webapps for the <Host>
have to be explicitly named.

> Is there another way to get rid of the "cocoon/", because the Cocoon
> pages will be the interface the user sees (but somehow preserve an
> equivalent "lucene/" and "eXist/" because they won't be seen much)?

Rename your Cocoon webapp to ROOT (remove the old ROOT first), and install your Lucene and
eXist applications under whatever names you choose under the <Host> appBase directory.

You likely only have one <Host>, and if you haven't changed the default appBase setting,
it's the webapps directory.  Your structure should look like this:

    ROOT (containing your Cocoon webapp)
    lucene (containing your Lucene webapp)
    exist (containing your eXist webapp)

The names are case-sensitive, so choose them carefully; they can be anything you choose, other
than ROOT.

 - Chuck

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