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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Windows x64 Installer
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 04:07:24 GMT
> From: Jeffrey Janner []
> Subject: RE: Windows x64 Installer
> Now the reason why 4) below was not working (all 64-bit), is that I
> didn't have an address specified in my <connector> tag.  Apparently, at
> all windows revs prior to 2008 server, if you didn't supply an IP
> address, Windows would gladly supply, but now at 2008 it
> doesn't (possibly vista also?).

Works fine on my Vista 64 box, with no address attribute for the <Connector>.  Looks
like there's some 2008 Server setting that's ignoring IPv4 and using only IPv6 if no bind
address is given.

> Instead of seeing in the first column, you'll 
> see [::]:80.

On my Vista 64 box, I see but not [::]:8080, with no address attribute in my
<Connector>.  I've got IPv6 disabled on my router, so I can't test that at the moment.

> there are a number of these [::] addresses in the list,
> so MS possibly hasn't ported all their services yet.

Has nothing to do with porting services, but rather with IPv6-only being the default on your
installation.  I do see both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in listening mode for the various Windows
services on my system.

 - Chuck

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