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From Dan Armbrust <>
Subject Re: How to debug Error: listenerStart?
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 17:30:32 GMT
I got a brand new copy of tomcat 5.5.25, and tested it.  Some of the
provided apps, such as balancer - create entries in the localhost log
file.  I used kdiff to compare the entire tomcat folder hierarchy to
my tomcat distribution, and I can't find any significant difference
that could cause my missing logs.

I tried adding a missing listener to the balancer app.  The error was
properly logged.

I tried deploying my war file (with a purposely broken listener) to
the newly extracted, completely stock tomcat, and I see the same
behaviour.  No entries whatsoever in the localhost log file from my
application, which failed to deploy.

So, it would appear that something in my application - where I use
log4j - is perhaps preventing the error from being logged by tomcat.

What would be doing this?  Something in my app is preventing this
severe error from being passed up to tomcat to be logged - but then my
app doesn't log it either - probably because it is stopped before it
ever finishes deploying.  There is obviously some interaction going on
between my webapp and tomcat's logging system that I don't know about.



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