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From Dave Pawson <>
Subject Re: jsvc problem with PID
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 11:18:42 GMT
2009/2/2 André Warnier <>:

> Just a few points though in defense of the packagers, a much-criticised
> group (to which I do not belong by the way) :

NO critique of their work.
They have different drivers.

> - like the Tomcat people, they are working for free, in a spirit of helping
> other people
> - what they do allows one to install a package (any package), mainly by
> typing "xxxx install package-name", and generally it works right out of the
> box.

? There I'll beg to differ.
Since they dont' provide any documentation, I have to fall back on
TC docs... which are inapplicable (and sufficiently complex in
their own right).

The main issue is a 'standard' layout for a filesystem, which Linux
has been battling for years. Roll on the day.

> - they try to follow the usual conventions of the platform for which they do
> it, which does not necessarily please the original package developers, but
> pleases the sysadmins no end, because one then finds the same kind of files
> in the same usual places (configuration files, logfiles, start/stop scripts
> etc..), without having to scour the whole system to find them
> - they also try to respect the filesystem conventions as to where one puts
> things that get written to or not, permissions and so on
> - they do not generally "break things", they just sometimes tend to spread
> out the files and use a lot of links, which is a bit confusing at first.

Were it documented, it may help. None found.

> About the missing pieces, I'm sure that the Tomcat Manager and the Tomcat
> doc are also available, in their own Fedora package.
> The packagers split them off, because they thought (probably justifiably)
> that many people installing Tomcat on real-world servers did not necessarily
> need them.

I'll look. Thanks. Not much help to a newbie.



Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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