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From Dave Pawson <>
Subject Re: jsvc problem with PID
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2009 11:00:30 GMT
2009/2/1 André Warnier <>:

>> I.e. the PID isn't being written to /var/run/
>> Any suggestions please?
> 10..9..8..7..
> (just the countdown before someone else here tells you to go ask your
> question in a Fedora forum)
> A word of explanation, before someone else puts it more rudely :
> on this Tomcat users forum, most of the helpful people do not have all the
> various platforms available, where Tomcat /can/ run.  So they tend to
> concentrate on the "standard" version of Tomcat, as downloaded from the
> "official" Tomcat site "".

I did. In preference to $yum install tomcat.

> That standard Tomcat version does not start in the same way as the version
> you are using.  For one, it does not, I believe, use the jsvc wrapper which
> seems to be the source of your problem. jsvc is a separate package, not part
> of Tomcat itself.

I built in from the code in $CATALINA-HOME/bin/jsvc-src


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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