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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: jsvc problem with PID
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 11:08:15 GMT
Dave Pawson wrote:

> I tried the Fedora install (instead of the Main Tomcat one).
> It's horribly complex. Installs all over the machine,
> Is missing the manager app and the docs.
> Yuk.
That will be music to the ears of some; can't wait for their comments.
As for me, I'm glad to hear that it is not only the Tomcat Debian 
packager that has a great imagination.

Just a few points though in defense of the packagers, a much-criticised 
group (to which I do not belong by the way) :
- like the Tomcat people, they are working for free, in a spirit of 
helping other people
- what they do allows one to install a package (any package), mainly by 
typing "xxxx install package-name", and generally it works right out of 
the box.
- they try to follow the usual conventions of the platform for which 
they do it, which does not necessarily please the original package 
developers, but pleases the sysadmins no end, because one then finds the 
same kind of files in the same usual places (configuration files, 
logfiles, start/stop scripts etc..), without having to scour the whole 
system to find them
- they also try to respect the filesystem conventions as to where one 
puts things that get written to or not, permissions and so on
- they do not generally "break things", they just sometimes tend to 
spread out the files and use a lot of links, which is a bit confusing at 

About the missing pieces, I'm sure that the Tomcat Manager and the 
Tomcat doc are also available, in their own Fedora package.
The packagers split them off, because they thought (probably 
justifiably) that many people installing Tomcat on real-world servers 
did not necessarily need them.

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