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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Tomcat 6.0 loads blank page
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2009 23:41:05 GMT
zia mohades wrote:
>    but again, I can successfully access http://localhost:8080 and blank for
> http://localhost:8080/mms_test. so the log files are not very informative.
> 2) I have downloaded LiveHttpHeaders plugin and followed your instructions.
> Believe it or not when I access http://localhost:8080/mms_test or
> http://localhost:8080 or http://localhost:8080/mms_test , and when i click
> on "Live http headers" form tools , the headers are empty. However when I
> access any other sites , like google , the headers has info in it( as it is
> expected)

You are right, I don't believe it.
I do not believe the combination above : that you can succesfully access
http://localhost:8080, but do not see headers in LiveHttpHeaders when 
you do that.  Something in that combination is wrong.

So, do exactly the following :

1) Tell me again :
- what is your OS ?
- what version of Tomcat is this ?
- where did you get it from ?

- stop Tomcat
- in a command window, enter : netstat -tan | grep LISTEN
(and copy the result here)
- start Tomcat
- in a command window, enter : netstat -tan | grep LISTEN
(and copy the result here)

(Yes, the same 2 times. Once with Tomcat stopped, once with Tomcat started.)

3) Then, also copy here the portion of your tomcat conf/server.xml which 
looks like this :

<Connector port="xxxx" maxHttpHeaderSize="8192"
     maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads="25" maxSpareThreads="75"
     enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443" acceptCount="100"
     connectionTimeout="20000" disableUploadTimeout="true" />

- close Firefox
- re-open Firefox
- click on Tools..LiveHttpHeader.  *Leave that window open*, and make 
sure that the checkbox "capture headers" is checked.
- go back to the main browser window
- enter http://localhost:8080
- go back to the LiveHttpHeaders window
- what is in it ? (you can cut and paste it here)

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