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From LoopInfinitum <>
Subject Re: can i compile .tag files on the fly? please help :(
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 18:59:23 GMT

thanks again for the replies.

i guess i wasn't clear... i, of course, have tried this; the status quo is
(and has been) that our team has to restart the server for any .tag changes
made.  it has been this way since i was hired a year ago, and, of course,
we'd benefit greatly from being able to tweak changes in real time.

and i agree with you, i know our tomcat is old :)  unfortunately, we're
stuck with it right now.

i saw these in the spec:
"Upon deployment, the JSP container must search for and process all tag files 
appearing in these directories and subdirectories."
"For each tag file in the web application, a tag handler is made available
to JSP 
pages and other tag files. The specifics of how this is done are left up to
the Con- 
tainer implementation. For example, some Containers may choose to compile
files into Java tag handlers, whereas others may decide to interpret the tag

so my question is, can tomcat 5.02a be configured to compile .tag files on
the fly?  again, this is not the case for our current configuration.

thanks again,

David Smith-2 wrote:
> I would guess from a brief look at the jsp 2.0 spec, the answer is yes, 
> but didn't read far enough to be absolutely sure.  You could read the 
> spec yourself for a definitive answer or just try it...  Personally I 
> find reality more fun.
> - write a test tag
> - write a jsp to test it
> - run the jsp test
> - modify the tag file only
> - run the jsp test again
> BTW, you should *really* upgrade your version of tomcat.  You'll be 
> happier with the results.
> --David
> LoopInfinitum wrote:
>> hey all,
>> i'm looking for a definitive answer:
>> can .tag files be compiled on the fly, or do they always require a
>> recompile
>> and restart for changes to take effect?
>> we currently have jsp's set to compile on the fly, and it makes dev so
>> much
>> easier/faster.
>> is there any alternative, if not the same very dynamic editing ability of
>> .jsp's?
>> running tomcat 5.02a.
>> thanks so much!!!!!
>> -john
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