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From "Jamie Robert Thompson" <>
Subject Re: IIS connector issue?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 15:43:18 GMT
2008/9/1 Jamie Robert Thompson <>

> Hi, I'm currently stuck at the last hurdle of a task which involves
> integrating JavaHelp into an application. I know little about Java,
> even less about JSP, but my boss likes server-side JavaHelp *sigh*. I chose
> Tomcat 6.0.18 and the connector (1.2.26) as my path to integrating it with
> our application. Now, I've set everything up on my XP workstation (IIS5) and
> it all works fine, but when I test it on the deployment servers (Win2K3
> Server with IIS6), I have a strange problem. Namely, if I go directly to the
> Tomcat URL first i.e. "http://localhost:8080/test/Help/help.jsp", it
> works, and continues to work if I then go to IIS via "
> http://localhost/test/Help/help.jsp". If I go to IIS first however, and
> then Tomcat, then both fail with nulls being returned from the help objects.
> Something is causing the object to be created differently.....
> Now, the reason I get the same response thereafter is probably because the
> help objects are being persisted in the session (or so I take it from the
> Java bean stuff in the JSP), but I don't know why I get different outcomes
> depending on the initial access route.
> I'd like to be able to debug this, but as I say, I've not experience with
> Java (and no-one else here does), and accordingly, I haven't the foggiest
> how to set up a debugger to dig into the matter. Settings-wise, everything
> is set to the defaults, and my connector settings are as given in the
> associated tutorial (except I changed the uri worker map to only handle jsp
> files). Only bit of magic is that I've added a context node to the localhost
> in server.xml to match up with the virtual directories used in our IIS
> setup.
> Can anyone think of things I can try to get this working?
> - Jamie

Replying to my own message as I hate it when people solve their problems and
leaves threads dangling without the helpful conclusion.

Basically, the problem was that IIS 6 didn't have a MIME type assigned to
the map file (*.jhm) and thus JavaHelp silently failed when it was unable to
construct that part of the HelpSet object. At least when the helpset
definition (*.hs) didn't have a MIME type the failure was reported. Anyway,
hopefully that will help someone at some point. Drove me nuts working out
what was going wrong and I now know far more Java than I was hoping to for
this task...

- Jamie

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